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Poetry Paradox

"Words are the tools men use to sketch
dim glimpses of Their Souls"


I'll hang upon the cross
	‘til from My brow you take the crown of thorns.
I'll hang there ‘til
	the world and you are free of greed and hate and scorn.
I won't come down 
	‘til from your lips I hear the Holy Ghost's commands
And your love takes the spikes
	from in My feet and nails from in My hands.
I'll bear the pain and suffering
	pay the price you surely should have paid,
Endure the crucifixion
	‘til upon the cross your soul is laid.
I'll die a thousand deaths
	if you continue living filled with sin.
A thousand times the stone
	will roll across the tomb and Me within
I'll rise again
	a thousand times each day, I'll come as Easter morn
And walk with you
	and call your name ‘til you believe and be reborn.
I'll send the Holy Ghost
	with fiery tongues and works to seek you out
‘Til every knee shall bow
	and every tongue My name, in praise, will shout
I'll go before the throne of God
	and ask My father grant you grace
And my atonement offer
	so His love will all your sins erase.
But ‘til the time 
	when at the cross on Me your soul you humbly lay
I'll hang ‘upon the cross
	for you . . . .until the final judgment day.

Just A Ripple

If in evangelism's mighty sea,
	along with many lives The Lord drops me.
There may be just a tiny ripple show — 
	so small it seems that God would hardly know.
Although it might not grow into a wave,
	for some appointed time The Lord will save.
And send it on its course so it may reach,
	a devil stronghold on some distant beach;
Where many other ripples also meet,
	assigned against the devil's rocks  to beat.
And though against the rocks of sin it tumbles —
	the rock from tiny ripples finally crumbles.

THE LAST SUPPER Da Vinci was sanctioned to paint the last supper and finish in just seven years! A model was needed to sit for the painting - a face from among his own peers. He sought far and wide for the one to be Jesus, whose features would be quite unique. No signs could it show of the world's dissipation, no sin scars, no blemish or streak. Much time had elapsed when a young man was finally selected to be the right choice. This face so celestial with eyes pure and true, would make even angels rejoice. Much beauty was seen in the young man's sweet face and quickly Da Vinci began, to paint with a frenzy and captured the purity - Jesus transformed from this man. Year after year Leonardo had painted disciples of Christ, one-by-one. Peter and Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, ‘Til all except Judas were done. And just as before there began a long search for a model whose face was just right: Cunning and treachery, envy and greed; face sullen and void of light. Then one day the news came that someone was found who bore all the features they sought. Sentenced to hang on the gallows for murder and hideous crimes he had wrought. His eyes were dark cesspools of shimmering hate - just holes in a mask-ghostly pale The scars on his face were the filth of life's sin; unwashed since he first entered jail. Permission was granted to have him brought forth. Leonardo had ways with the King. And daily the prisoner was summoned by guards and then to Da Vinci they'd bring. The painting was finished, and just in due time; the prisoner was needed no more He'd now be returned to the dungeon awaiting the fate thus intended before. The prisoner then spoke, "Leonardo, dear sir, I know this will be quite a blow; Yet, the face of the man which you now look upon, though you may not recognize . . . you know! Leonardo, Leonardo, my dear Leonardo has my life really sunk this... low - Mine was the face which you used in the painting of Jesus . . . just seven years ago !

The Bridge An Old Man Came down the Road of Life, to a Chasm Wide and Deep He Spent Much Time on the Downward Climb, Then Scaled the Walls So Steep and When He Got to the Other Side, He Set to Build a Bridge He'd Build it Safe and Strong, So it Would Span from Ridge to Ridge He Labored on to Build it Strong with Sturdy Beams and Piers to Span Life's Deep Dark Valleys and It's Swirling River of Tears And When He Finished . . .Standing near . . .Another Pilgrim Asked? "Old Man" Please Tell Me Why, You Thought to Choose this Awesome Task! Your Life's near Spent and Yet You've Lent Much Time to Do this Chore You'll Travel Not Again this Path Before Life Shuts the Door The Old Man Said . . ."I Build Not Thus for Thee or Me to Cross I Build So Other's Coming Might Not Suffer Any Loss There Comes Not Far Behind this Way Some Day a Fair Haired Youth He Comes with Hope and Inspiration Seeking Love and Truth and When He Comes He May Not Be Prepared to Climb or Swim I Build from Love Within My Heart --- I Build this Bridge for Him! So . . . If You Think I Am Foolish . . . and My Work Seems So Absurd the Reason for this Bridge Is Found Within God's Holy Word He Said, Do unto Others as You'd Do Yourself Each Day" . . . . . . . And I Just Heard Him Speak Again . . . "Old Man, you're still traveling - The Right Way !"
SEEMLY INHERENT Oh, Lord may I rise to the occasion and do, that which is seemly inherent of You; Though not as a priest or a prophet am I, help me to stand when the fire-y darts fly: As soldiers in rank at the sound of the charge fight a small part in the battle so large. Cause me to strike when the time is just right; piercing a soul by the gospel's great might. And if it be said, I was worthy of You to accomplish this task which You sent me to do: Thus would I give — of my life as You gave — freely if only one soul it could save.
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