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"Words are the tools men use to sketch
dim glimpses of Their Souls"

A Lingering Smile

Trepidations now begin to pass, a smile has learned to linger on your face, and footprints left behind in withered grass, the settling dusts of time will soon erase. Leave broken-hearted feelings far behind, and look toward yon horizons gleaming bright- View ecstasies and pleasures you will find if smiles become your only guiding light. Let the compass of your heart now show: the paths to joys of life you can embrace, and hold your head up high so all may know- a smile has learned to linger on your face.

Don't Look Back

It's been a while since things were going right -
‘bout forty years ago when I was young.
I've nearly run the race of life since then,
but now as things grow smooth I feel so lost.

Can't find a hill I'd like to climb next week.
They're not as big as mountains in my past.
The valleys now don't seem so dark and deep,
as I remember heartaches' gorge traversed.

My future seems so far away and yet,
the comfort zone of last year's pain is near.
Tomorrow seems so far beyond my reach;
I feel no strength to grasp a shooting star.

Oh God, please let me hold Your apron strings,
and with Your mighty hand now grip my soul,
as I attempt to flee death's lingering past,
and climb the silver steps of future's goal..

Whispers Almighty God, I bow my soul to You; Your great omnipotence my spirit awes. I marvel at the mighty works You do, in wonderment of ways in me You cause. I cannot know the full extent You plan, Yet down upon my knees I often feel: I somehow sense Your will and understand; My soul responds to thoughts that You reveal. At times like this my core of life sings out, and raptures forth at knowing You are there. I feel the wisps of angels' wings about - This strange phenomena . . . known to me as prayer. Poems by Ron Baron

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